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PusoptiX Device

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We can offer our comprehensive

...knowledge on these complex medical condititions and our sevices, with many years of experience in solving these problematic eye defects.

With early diagnosis

razitko-150...of an eye defect in pre-school children can prevent complications later in adult life.

Later detection of eye defect

...lowers the potential for successful treatment. For this reasons it is necessary to regularly check small children's eyesight.

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Healthcare Facility Prima Vizus NNO

dite-prima-vizus-300 On our website we will introduce you to the eye defect prevention screening test for pre-school children. A specialist hand held diagnostic video camera, which can help detect serious eye defects at an early stage of a child’s development, carries out the procedure. You can also find further information about our organization, which is dedicated to resolving ‘children refract eye defects’ since 2008. On our website you can also find frequently asked questions and answers about the problems with refraction eye defects in children. read-more


Screening tests


Refract defects



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